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  • Số lần xem: 1436 | Ngày: 16/06/2015


    Claim & Survey Manager


      - Age: from 22 years of age

      - Had university degree and other certificate in insurance according to Laws

      - Had experience and professional knowledge in insurance

      - Foreign language: Good English

      - Good computer skill

      - Understand, have knowledge of laws and strictly observing the law

      - Knowledge in the field of non-marine insurance

      - Responsible, careful and honest

The main task assigned:

      - Process settlement for automobile claim and other relevant steps

      - Handle claim processing works.

      - Set up and monitor claim files.

      - Co-work with U.W, MKT, Finance, Re INS Department in handling Claim’s technical requirement 

      - Technical support to Marketing Department and other related Departments

      - Other jobs and functions assigned by Manager and/or BOL

      - Apply CV: directly or via email: Tramkieu@pacvn.vn