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    Internal control Manager


      - Follow Internal control regulation, SOP and internal regulations

      - University graduated in Audit, Economics, Finance or other majors relating to.

      - Deep understanding of about insurance and insurance market.

      - Know clearly Insurance Law and relative Laws

      - Basic knowledge of Internal control, Accounting – Financial.

      - Minimum 1 -2 years of experience in internal control,  insurance sector

      - Having management skill and team – work.

      - Working under high pressure

      - Good at communication and problem solving.

      - Honest, patient, carefull and responsive.

      - Fluently in English and Computer skill

The main task assigned:

      - Check all Departments follow checking contents and plan approved

      - Conduct risk assessment of departments/fuctional areas in accordance with timelines.

      - To conduct any reviews or tasks requested by Manager

      - Conduct periodic reports on compliance with PAC internal regulation

      - Other jobs and functions assigned by Manager and/or BOM

      - Apply CV: directly or via email: Tramkieu@pacvn.vn