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  • Số lần xem: 1387 | Ngày: 19/05/2015

Job Description:

• Review and prepare legal documents for the Company, including but not limit to contracts, agreements, memorandums or letters
• Provide the Company with legal advice and/ or consultancy which would include but not limit to Underwriting, Claim Settlement and all kinds of Contracts (such as Labor Contract, Agent Contract, Broker Contract, Lease Contract etc).
• Conduct evaluation, submit pleadings or attend hearings of the litigation cases involving or instituing law suit by the Company.
• Involve in drafting, revising, formulating, updating and implementing the Company’s internal regulations and make sure all the internal regulations comply with the laws and regulations.
• Support the Company in the legal procedures relating to the Company’s Perform related duties and other tasks/projects as assigned by management

* This vacancy requires candidate(s) with 3 years experience, however junior/ associate level may be considered.

Job Requirement

• Bachelor Degree from Law universities
• Qualified Vietnamese lawyer is preferred
• Candidates who have knowledge of insurance is preferable
• Fluent in English in both writting,reading and communication.
• Knowing Chinese is advantage
• Good skills of communication and negotiation
• Ability to work independently
• To be dynamic, enthusiast and willing to work under high pressure