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Nếu quý khách cần tư vấn gì thêm chúng tôi rất vui lòng hổ trợ

  • Software Programmer (BA)

  • Số lần xem: 1275 | Ngày: 01/03/2016

Reporting directly for:
       Manager/ Deputy Manager
Job Requirements:
         - Age: over 26 age
         - Experience: 02 years
         - Degree: college or over
         - Experience software development process, business analyst, DBA
         - Experience on .NET, PHP or Java language
         - Experience on  Database SQL Server, Reporting tools
         - Acknowledge insurance/ financial are advantage
         - Communicate and writing documentation in English.
The main task assigned:
   A. Business analysis Responsibilities
        - Responsible for arranging meetings with stakeholders to gather requirements and needs
       - Responsible for designing business and requirements models
       - Responsible for identifying problems, enhancement opportunities and unimplemented
business requirements
       - Responsible for maintaining the current system specifications, models and blueprints
       - Responsible for performing business analysis, modeling and documentation as needed
       - Responsible for preparing the business rational and needs with the recommended features that address the business needs
       - Responsible for providing knowledge and information regarding the established business rules, policies, standards and procedures
       - Responsible for resolving challenges regarding the implementation or the application of business rules in technical tools and applications
       - Responsible for responding to changing needs and requirements in the environment, the technology or the tools
       - Responsible for supervising the preliminary stages of projects and development programs
       - Responsible for writing documentation, requirements, features, manuals, and training materials
       - Responsible for analyst current ERP insurance database and program business report.
   B. Programmer Responsibilities
       - Responsible for designing the structure and the behavior of software programs
       - Responsible for fixing software bugs and performance issues
       - Responsible for identifying programming solutions and technology
       - Responsible for maintaining the software code of all programs
       - Responsible for performing programming tasks and white box testing
       - Responsible for preparing programs for integration with other programs as needed by the environment
       - Responsible for providing documentation on how to use the produced applications, libraries, classes and any reusable code
       - Responsible for supplying programming solutions and alternatives using different technologies and ready libraries
       - Responsible for testing the code for functionality and technical conformance to coding standards
       - Responsible for writing comments for code snippets and files
   C. Other
       Conduct other company tasks as requested by Leader.

Apply CV: directly or via email: Tramkieu@pacvn.vn